Hand Treatment

Hand Treatment

Traditional Manicure:  $12.00
Includes shaping, cuticle trimming, oil massage, and polish of your choice.

Shellac Manicure: $30.00
This manicure treatment starts with a warm hand soak followed by nail shaping and cuticle trimming. Finish with Gel Polish (Lasts 2-3 weeks).

Therapy Manicure: $20.00
The perfect treatment for tired hands, sore, aching, joints and muscle tension relief. It begins with a warm bubble hand bath. Exfoliation and a hot stone massage with menthol oil lotion completes the relaxation experience.

Botanical: $20.00
This therapy treatment uses all natural ingredients. It begins with a warm salt hand bath. Dead skin cells are removed by using the Salt Glow Gel. Hands are nurtured with a Shea butter mint mask, containing detoxifying clay to draw out toxins from the pores. Finished with a Lavender Oil massage.

Chocolate: $20.00
We soak your tired hands with Chocolate essential oil, while you delight in the silky smooth skin revealed by our exfoliating Chocolate Scrub. Then your hands are nurtured with a Chocolate Mask, followed by a hand massage with Chocolate Lotion. Finish with a polish of your choice.

Lavender Delight Manicure: $20.00
Warm soothing hand treatment. Start with a luxury hand soak in a bowl of Lavender Flower, remove dead skin cells with a Lavender and Sugar Scrub, and relax you hands with a Lavender Oil and hot stone massage. Finished with the polish of your choice.

Avocado Mint: $20.00
Warm soothing hand treatment. Begin with a luxurious hand soak, followed by a warm Avocado Mint Exfoliation. A nurturing hand Avocado Mask and the polish of your choice completes the experience.

Sweet Orange: $20.00
This hand treatment is rich in Vitamin C. Start with a warm fresh Orange hand bath. Remove dead skin cells by exfoliation with an Orange Sugar Scrub. Finish with a soothing warm Orange Oil massage.

OPI Signature: $20.00
We are so proud to introduce you to this manicure product line, that has the natural ingredients of Papaya and Pineapple combined together. This treatment includes soaking the hands in a warm Flower hand bath. Remove dead skin cells by using a Papaya and Pineapple exfoliation. Nurture the hands with a Papaya and Pineapple hand mask. Finish off with 10 minute massage using Papaya and Pineapple lotion.